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Press Article - / Attendance at SARA 2017
Press Article - / Attendance at SARA 2017

SARA 2017 / Agricultural profitability: AGROBIOTECH presents cloning technology or simple propagation without genetic modification

The 4th edition of the Salon of Agriculture and Animal Resources (SARA) is marked by the presence of the company AGROBIOTECH, commercial laboratory, specialized in the cloning or the simple multiplication without genetic modification of a plant material in order to enhance the yield.

This first commercial micro-propagation laboratory in the whole of the West African zone based in Bamako in Mali and led by Birama Sidibé, aims to respond to requests for in vitro plants in the sub-region, explained Fily Coulibaly, the head of operations. \'\' We are the only company that does in vitro propagation or cultivation all over West Africa high-performance order, she said.